Outside as well as inside the classroom, ASE aims to facilitate students' exposure to, and understanding of British culture. The CCE is designed to encourage students to take full advantage of the range of opportunities on offer to participate in activities that contribute to this aim.

Why participate in the CCE?

Students who take part in the CCE generally get more involved with the community, often make more British friends, and typically gain a greater appreciation of, and respect for, people with differing cultural values.

Those who meet the requirements of the CCE over the course of the semester receive a special certificate, a copy of which is sent to their home institution. The achievement is also recorded on the official ASE transcript.

How does it Work?

The CCE operates by awarding points for attendance at integrative events and activities. Students can participate by doing almost anything that interests them, as long as it entails getting involved with the wider community. Exactly which events count and how the scoring works is explained fully in Orientation Week.

Some colleges make the CCE a requirement for their students (check if this is the case for yours.) For most, it is voluntary, although we strongly recommend that students participate.

The other requirements for qualification are:

  1. Attendance at three inter-cultural meetings, one at the beginning, one in the middle and one at the end of the semester.
  2. The completion of an evaluation pro forma for each event (or series of events) attended.
  3. A short written assignment (300-500 words), containing reflections on the intercultural experience of studying abroad.