The total fee for Summer School 2019 is $5500.00. This includes: accommodation; tuition; an all-inclusive field trip and three-day residential weekend in Dorset; and tickets for all compulsory course-related visits.

For the ASE Theatre Summer School this includes: accommodation, tuition, a field trip to London, tickets for all compulsory course-related visits and an all-inclusive two-day residential trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon.

The fee does not cover the student's travel to and from Bath, or meals.

Applicants to the summer school are now eligible for two need-based ASE Scholarships of £500 each. A Don Nunes Memorial Scholarship award of £500 may also be available.

A personal letter of application for any of these scholarships should be submitted along with other application materials and relevant documentation from your Financial Aid Office.

Refunds Policy

Advanced Studies in England incurs many expenses as it plans for and implements its programme. Many of these costs cannot be recovered when a student withdraws after accepting an invitation to the Programme. Thus we must observe the following policy on refunds in order to protect the interests of all students and the financial commitments of ASE.

  1. This policy applies to all students who withdraw from Summer School participation for any reason, who fail to appear when the Summer School commences or who are dismissed from the Summer School.
  2. Once students are admitted to the Programme they must, in writing, accept or reject the offer within two weeks of the offer of admission. At that time a non-refundable $300 deposit must be submitted.
  3. Students who officially withdraw, in writing, from Summer School participation before the deadline by which the balance of fees is due will not only forfeit the non-refundable confirmation deposit, but will also be billed for all expenses already incurred or committed by ASE for the student's participation.
  4. Students who withdraw from Summer School participation after the final payment deadline will be held accountable for the entire Summer School fee.
  5. Only for well-documented, serious emergencies or medical problems will ASE consider a modification of any of the policies described above. All appeals will be decided by the Programme Director.