About this course

British journalism is unique. From reportage that has changed the course of history to the controversial excesses of the tabloids, it offers readers stories that seize the imagination and cannot be ignored. In this course you will discover and practise some of the essential skills of journalism, such as feature writing, interviewing, working with a news agenda and developing a critical approach to information. You will learn to structure stories that get your readers’ attention and keep it to the end of the piece, to analyse complex issues and express them accurately and clearly. Some sessions will be focused on specific genres, such as travel writing and arts criticism, and offer the opportunity to write from your own experience. We will explore the ethics of journalism, and look at the legal framework within which journalists work, as well as considering some key British media institutions and their worldwide legacy.

The course features writing workshops, short lectures, and interactive exercises. Students will be expected to read and analyse a wide range of current journalism, from ground-breaking investigative reports to entertaining lifestyle columns.


Subject Areas

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