About this course

From picture books to teen and ‘cross-over’ novels, this course aims to give students both a working knowledge of the range of books for children, and a practical grasp of the skills required in writing for audiences of different ages. Each class will focus on a particular reading stage or genre and develop writing skills through the discussion and analysis of key texts, and various creative writing exercises. Tutor feedback on assignments and constructive criticism of each other’s work within a supportive environment form an integral part of classroom sessions.

Students will engage with crucial questions of writerly responsibility and creative decision-making: what is the nature of the space we offer children in fiction, for instance, and how far should this reflect social realities? Is the role of fiction to educate or merely to entertain? How can a writer capture and sustain the attention of this most demanding of reading audiences?

The course coincides with the Bath Festival of Children’s Literature, and includes short guided visits to Bath Central Library and an award-winning independent bookshop, both of which have excellent children’s collections.


Subject Areas

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