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ASE looks forward to welcoming you to Oxford as well as Bath.

I am involved particularly with the Oxford component of the Programme - appointing ASE's faculty, overseeing the association with University College, and having a personal involvement in the time that ASE students spend at the College whilst they are in Oxford.

University College is the oldest of the Oxford Colleges, being founded in 1249, and boasts several famous 'old boys', amongst them two former British Prime Ministers, your own former President, Bill Clinton, and the poet Shelley (Shelley was expelled for publishing a paper on atheism but we have all since forgiven him his trespass). Many of the ASE faculty are based in Oxford, and we have all enjoyed designing courses and teaching ASE students; we are always impressed by the liveliness and commitment which they bring to the classes, and we enjoy the discussions as much as we hope they do. I am particularly pleased that ASE offers full year and semester students the opportunity of taking an Oxford-style tutorial course.

I'll enjoy meeting you all at some point during the semester, either in the quadrangles of University College, at our College Dinner or in Nelson House.

ASE Academic Adviser,
Regius Professor of Greek, Oxford University