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This course explores key moments in the history of the Atlantic World during the ‘long’ eighteenth century, beginning with the expansion and consolidation of the plantation complex of the Caribbean and the southern colonies of British North America, and ending with the movement to abolish the slave trade and the rise of radical politics during the era of the Napoleonic Wars. We will examine the development of the Royal African Company and the British merchant marine, and the mechanics of the slave trade in Liverpool, Bristol and London; and look closely at each of the three major revolutions that convulsed the region in the last half of the century. Attention will be paid throughout the course to the different historical experiences of the men and women, free and unfree, rich and poor, and from a wide range of ethnic and racial backgrounds, who lived through this period of volcanic change.

A study trip to Bristol will allow us to consider South West England’s profound and still contentious historic links with the Transatlantic Trade.

This course will be taught by Ted A. Pearson, Associate Professor of History, Franklin & Marshall College, PA.


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