About this course

In the 1990s, a diverse group of young British artists (YBA) rose to prominence with works that were shocking, playful and substantial, arguably taking the mantle of international art leadership from the US for the first time in a half-century. YBA artists such as Damien Hirst, Tracy Emin, Rachel Whiteread, Jenny Saville and Chris Ofili are now regarded as among the most important of our time, and each addresses the most compelling and controversial cultural issues. The YBA have been followed by other radical innovators and experimenters, including Street Artists ‘Phlegm’, Carrie Reinhardt and the internationally-acclaimed ‘Banksy’, whose work can be viewed in nearby Bristol, where he grew up. This course provides a fascinating introduction to avant garde British art of the past few decades and the contemporary art scene, through the lens of some leading art practitioners, theorists and critics.

A study trip to London takes us to two of the UK’s leading museums of modern and contemporary art, usually the Tate Britain and Tate Modern.


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