About this course

This course approaches the study of dramatic texts from two perspectives: that of the scholarly reader/critic, and that of the actor/director.

Later twentieth-century British theatre is especially rich in the scope and variety of its texts and the course will reflect that richness. Five plays will be studied, chosen from the work of such leading playwrights as Edward Bond, Howard Brenton, Caryl Churchill, David Storey, David Hare, Timberlake Wertenbaker, Willy Russell, Harold Pinter and Tom Stoppard.

Students will spend the first half of the semester examining the set plays as literary texts. In the second half, key scenes will be selected for intensive rehearsal in preparation for a final workshop performance to ASE staff and students in the last week of the semester. Students will be responsible for all aspects of production, apart from direction which will be undertaken by the course tutor.

The course is appropriate for both theatre and literature students and those who are majoring in other subjects but who have an interest in theatre.



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