About this course

How does the British media characterise the UK and the outside world? Is it a tool to protect or criticise powerful organisations in British society? To what extent is the media a power-broker in its own right? Has it played a more significant or beneficial role within society in the twenty-first century than previously? This course examines the British media system, through a combination of theory, field work, and practical analysis.

Each week, we introduce a major thread of media theory and apply it to a specific media industry. We explore the content of UK newspapers, magazines and television, with a particular emphasis on news and society, but also incorporating entertainment forms like social media, comedy, and documentary. Students learn to discuss media theory analytically at an advanced level, and gain an in-depth knowledge of the UK media system and its position in an increasingly globalised and mediated world.

The class includes a study trip to central London to visit the British Film Institute and the offices of The Daily Telegraph newspaper.


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