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The clash of liberal and conservative factions in Britain during the 1790s and beyond marks the Romantic period as one of the most contentious, fertile, and exciting of British literature. While, too often, considerations of the Romantic period are concerned solely with the 'Big Six' (Byron, Keats, Blake, Shelley, Wordsworth and Coleridge), this course will also examine women's writing and other lesser-known poets and writers, engaging with questions of class, race and gender, and exploring the various ways in which the Romantic literature situated itself among contemporary culture and its concerns. We will begin with the origins of Romanticism in the Enlightenment, moving on to discuss other prevalent subjects and themes in the literature such as the French Revolution, slavery, orientalism, the Gothic, medicine, science, nature and the sublime.

During our study trip to Tintern Abbey and to the Quantock Hills on Exmoor, where Coleridge and Wordsworth famously lived and walked.


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