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This course is an introduction to the power, variety and continuing importance of Irish writing. Students will study the relationship between art and its social and cultural context, as well as explore the following themes: history, memory, mythology and the occult, cultural identity, the origins and creations of language; religion and ‘terrorism’.

We will begin with Maria Edgeworth's lively and insightful 'Big House' novel Castle Rackrent, which illuminates the fading feudal world of Ireland past. Next, we explore the varied works of W.B. Yeats, who touches on Romantic, Victorian and Modernist literary traditions. We will also consider the lyrical comedies of J.M. Synge; James Joyce's and Samuel Beckett's experiments with language; the airy, committed poetry of Patrick Kavanagh and the work of Elizabeth Bowen and Eimear McBride. In the final classes, we will unpick the memorable poems of Nobel Prize winner Seamus Heaney, and examines a diverse range of modern Irish poetic voices.

The course includes an optional study trip to Dublin - an opportunity to see the city that has inspired such a rich array of writing. While ASE subsidises the trip, students will be asked to contribute to their travel and accommodation expenses.


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