'I really believe I shall always be thinking of Bath when I am home again - I do love it so very much' Catherine Morland, Northanger Abbey

ASE wants to ensure that our students do more than enjoy an academic and cultural experience lasting a single semester, academic year, or summer.

In common with many of the 3000 or more students who have attended ASE over the last thirty years, you may find yourself wishing the connections and friendships you forge during your stay in Bath last a lifetime. The Alumni Association is designed to help maintain and strengthen those relationships, as well as to help past participants cultivate a real - and useful - sense of community across semesters and years.

Alum Ali Har-Zvi returns to Nelson HouseAlum Ali Har-Zvi returns to Nelson House

Benefits of the ASE Alumni Association

As a member of the ASE Alumni Association you will enjoy the following benefits:

• Access to the ASE Alumni Website.

• View your Final Tea Slideshow, and those of past semesters going way back to the earliest years.
• Read the current and past editions of the ASE Alumni News.
Advice on graduate studies from ASE students, faculty and staff with personal experience of different institutions and courses in the US and the UK.
• Ongoing access, through the ASE website and connected social media, to a network of professionals in a range of fields and industries, including academia, writing and publishing, arts administration, teaching, higher education administration, library and archival work, local and national government, law, business and medicine.
• An online directory allows you to share contact information with the wider ASE community, stay in contact with classmates, and find alums in your local area or line of work.
• A guaranteed warm welcome – usually including tea and biscuits (cookies) – whenever you decide to return to Bath and visit us at Nelson House!

Alums helping out at a study abroad fairAlums helping out at a study abroad fair

Helping ASE

Here are some of the ways that ASE alums choose to help the Programme in return:
• Contributing to the ASE Alumni Association Fund which supports ASE scholarships, travel and research grants, and other capital campaigns.
• Assisting with the recruitment of future students by recommending the Programme, helping out during campus visits by ASE staff or at study abroad fairs.
• Sharing personal news, updates, photographs, and writing via our various Facebook pages, and the annual ASE Alumni News.
Volunteeringas an advisor on careers or graduate studies, or assisting with the organisation and running of events.

All in all, by becoming a member of the ‘ASE Family’, you will be joining a vibrant and ever-extending community of former students, UK and US professors, study abroad professionals and staff, many of whom share a deep and lasting affection for the Programme.

Alums, faculty, and friends gather for the twenty-fifth anniversary luncheonAlums, faculty, and friends gather for the twenty-fifth anniversary luncheon

Rob Jones, PhD