All students must be in possession of a passport that will be valid for at least six months after the end date of the summer school in the UK. Please ensure your passport number and expiry date are written on your pre-arrival forms. Students without such a passport must apply for one immediately and notify us of their passport number and expiry date as soon as possible. Note a passport application can take around six weeks to process.


Only the following summer school students need to apply for and obtain a Short-term Study Visa prior to arrival in the UK:

- Non-US citizens (unless an EU citizen)
- Students who will be studying in the UK prior to the ASE Summer School (totalling more than six months)

Please let ASE know straight away if you will need to apply for a Short-term Study Visa so that we may send you an appropriate letter confirming your place on our summer school. Please note your fees should be paid before beginning your visa application, so that we may also confirm this on your letter. Your visa application cannot be started more than three months in advance of the start of the summer school.

Cost of Visa Application

The cost of a Short-term Study Visa will be £85 (approximately $133).

For information regarding how to apply, please refer to under the section ‘Visas and Immigration’.

Non-Visa Students (‘Short-term Students’ without prior entry clearance)

All other summer school students do not need a visa for entry to the UK and should be allowed to enter as a short-term student without prior entry clearance.

The following will need to be shown to the immigration officer upon arrival in the UK:

- A US passport that will be valid for at least six months after the end date of the semester in the UK.
- An immigration letter from ASE confirming acceptance on to the Programme (sent in final mailing).
- Proof of funding for the period of study (this must be a recent bank statement in your name, or included as a joint account holder, dated within one month of the semester start date and should include proof of scholarship or financial aid funding). There is no set amount of funds you need to have in your bank account, just an amount which can be considered as adequate for living expenses.
- A return flight ticket or further adequate funds to purchase a flight ticket
Please note: Short-term students are not permitted to undertake any paid, unpaid or volunteer work, and cannot stay longer than six months (in any 12 month period) in the UK.