About this course

The ebb and the flow of migration to the United Kingdom has brought with it a vast diversity of religious expression from around the world. This course aims to introduce students to the UK’s current religious landscape, which has been shaped by a rich and dynamic diversity of religious and spiritual expression. Whilst the course will provide some focus on more traditional forms of religious expression in the UK - such as Judaism and Protestant and Catholic Christianity - it will also consider how Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism have contributed to the country’s religious fabric. In addition, students will have the opportunity to assess the impact of the New Age and explore the way that emerging religious and spiritual movements such as Bahai, Rastafari and a multitude of Wicca and Pagan groups have developed and grown in the UK’s vibrant culture of belief and practice.

The course aims to provide insight into the way that diverse religious and spiritual expressions have shaped, and been shaped by the social, political and cultural milieu of the UK, examining such issues as identity, migration and gender.

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