If you are applying for the Internship, Education, or Tutorial Programme, or for one of our scholarships or assistantships, you will need to provide additional materials in your programme application. The following advice should serve as a guideline on what to include, but we strongly encourage personal and individualised letters.

Internship Programme: Please write a letter of application for your first and second choice of placement so that, if you are unsuccessful with your first choice, we can move ahead straight away with your second choice. Your letters of application should each outline your relevant experience, your interest in the industry, and why you think you should be chosen for the placement. A good letter can make all the difference to the success of an application, as some of the placements are competitive. Please also send a résumé. The letters and résumé will be read by ASE’s Internship Coordinator and staff at your chosen placement.

Education Programme: Your letter of application should outline any relevant experience, any education-related courses that you have already completed, and give an indication of what age group of children/students you would like to be placed with. The letter will be used by our Education Placement Coordinator to decide which school, year group, and/or subject area to place you with.

Tutorial Programme: Your letter of application should outline relevant courses or extra-curricular activities that you have previously undertaken, what you hope to gain from pursuing the tutorial option, and any specific topics that you would like to focus on. Please also provide a sample of your work (e.g. an original essay, paper, or piece of creative writing). If you are applying for a language tutorial, please provide the contact details of a professor who can attest your level of proficiency.

Scholarships and Assistantships: Please write a single letter of application specifying which scholarship(s) and assistantship(s) you would like to be considered for, and reasons for applying. Please also send a financial aid statement showing your current awards. If you are interested in applying for the Don Nunes Memorial Scholarship, please email admin@asebath.org to request further criteria and instructions.