About this course

Short films are one of the most exciting creative forms of the twenty-first century, challenging writers to generate taut narratives, meticulous characterization and innovative structures, all within a few minutes of viewing time. This course introduces students to imaginative, theoretical and practical elements of short-film screenwriting, covering a range of styles and genres. Following the process of developing a screenwork from initial inspiration to final edit, the course will equip students with the skills required to write for the screen, including a working understanding of form, structure, theme, plot, and character as well as industry expectations for correct layout, treatments and pitches.

Classes will incorporate discussion of key issues, analysis of film and screenplay, and practical workshops. Students will be encouraged to become an active group of writers, critically appraising their own and others’ work and acting as imaginary producers, editors and actors in responding to ideas and scripts. The emphasis will lie in constant creative rethinking, drafting and editing.


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