Sandy Runzo

ASE is one of Denison’s most popular study abroad programs.  Every part of the Bath Program is arranged with expert care:  excellent courses, students who are excited to be there, the best study trips that one could ever imagine, housing in beautiful historic buildings. Our students have loved all of this as well as the seemingly endless beauties of Bath. The ASE staff are fantastic. The whole program is fantastic!

Dr Gabriel Schenk

I’ve been through both the American and British university systems, and A.S.E. Bath is a very attractive combination of the two. You get the smaller classes and intimacy of British seminars with an American-style marking structure that will directly transfer to credit at your home institution. As a teacher, it was a pleasure to give my students the feel of the British system without worrying about anyone’s grades suffering because of unfamiliarity with how their course was marked.

It was especially gratifying to teach the legends of King Arthur and then, the next day, hop on a bus to visit the site of his grave (if you believe the stories!) We also went to Cadbury Castle, the original Camelot, and Oxford, where Geoffrey of Monmouth wrote The History of the Kings of Britain in 1136. Studying British myths and legends feels very different when you’ve got the locations practically in your back yard.

The programme also has an advantage over other ‘Study Abroad’ schemes I’ve taught for: Nelson House, full of useful facilities and friendly staff, providing a base of operations for all the students; a home away from home. I know that some study abroad students can feel displaced, thrown into another city and university without having their own space, but with Nelson House, the students are able to socialise, go to the library, and talk to the administrators all in the same building.

Shane Simon

ASE is a unique experience that impacts lives in a way that any other study abroad program cannot—students become part of British culture rather than simply learning about it. My time abroad with ASE undoubtedly played a major role in my decision to pursue an enriching and rewarding career in the law. I can honestly say that my only regret about ASE is that I won’t have the chance to do it all again!

Dr. John Stevenson

There are three great reasons I have and hope to share with others for enjoying teaching for ASE at Bath.

First and foremost the subjects I cover are amongst the most interesting in History. The Tudors and Stuarts are endlessly fascinating, exciting attention on stage, screen, novel and TV series, from Shakespeare to Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall, peopled by some of the most famous names in all of History: Richard III, Henry VIII, Mary Queen of Scots, Elizabeth I, Charles I and Cromwell. And not just rulers but also artists, writers and intellectuals: Holbein, Thomas More, Christopher Marlowe, Van Dyck, Newton and Aphra Behn. Similarly my course on ‘Women and Society in the Eighteenth century’ is remarkable for the galaxy of female talent to which the century gave a voice. Not for nothing is one of the books we use called ‘Brilliant Women’, as educational opportunities and a new cultural world of fashionable society, theatre and the rise of the novel produced a string of famous women writers, actresses, and society figures. By its end, Mary Wollstonecraft was making the first claims for the Rights of Women, pioneering what today we call feminism.

Second, Bath is an incomparable setting to explore these periods of history from its magnificent Abbey, a monument to the changes brought by the Reformation, to the very Pump Room, North and South Parade and Assembly Rooms where eighteenth century fashionable society and many of the people we discuss socialized. Nearby the magnificent Tudor mansion of Montecute House and the great house of Dyrham Park provide us with real examples of the worlds of the past.

Finally, ASE means its students, almost invariably keen to take on new things, often almost from scratch, and willing to explore for themselves the riches on offer in the ASE library, Bath and much, much further afield.

Kieron Winn

For 20 years it's been a pleasure to come to Bath by train from Oxford. I've taught for many American programmes, and there is a distinct quality to ASE students: intelligent of course, but also confident and open to humour and delight.

Christine Wintersteen

We had been hesitant to include the Advanced Studies in Bath program on our Approved Options List because, traditionally, the only option for students who wished to study in the UK was directly at a British university. While there is great value in experiencing a distinct academic culture and immersing oneself alongside locals in the classroom, there is also value in a study abroad program facilitating academic study both inside and outside of the classroom for students that want to fully immerse themselves in academic learning at a high level. Just as a field-based biology program attracts like-minded students, the ASE program attracts like-minded students in the humanities and social sciences who are have chosen their program based on the academic content.

After speaking to colleagues at peer institutions who shared very positive feedback about the academics of this program, we ultimately included the ASE program as an option for Bowdoin students. We are now in our third year of sending students and they haven’t been disappointed.

Students provide consistently excellent evaluations to the academic content and methodology and demonstrate an academic engagement that one hopes for in a study abroad experience. The students’ academic satisfaction is slowly reaching faculty ears and provide a nice retort for those that sometimes equate study abroad as an academic vacation….ASE is clearly not.

Emily Pinette

"Studying abroad with ASE was the best decision I've ever made. The experience was life-changing! The classes were challenging and interesting, and taught by professionals who were easily approachable. Outside of class, there was always something going on, from my volunteer placement at the local animal shelter, to going out with my flatmates, to just taking in the beauty of Bath. I also knew I could go to the staff for absolutely anything. I have come to view Bath as my home."

Madeline Greathouse

I think it was the first weekend I was in Bath that I realized I had made the right choice of study abroad programs. Never having been on a train before, let alone in England, I spent my first free Saturday traveling two hours to the Southern coast of the country in order to visit the home and museum of my favorite author Agatha Christie. It was an amazing excursion, however, I enjoyed it a bit too much and missed my train back to Bath.

Traveling alone and stranded in a small train station past sundown was nerve wracking so I jumped on the first train going North. It took me four hours to get to Bath; during that time I called my mom in panic twice, but as she could do nothing, I ended up reaching out to strangers on the trains. These friendly people did not just answer my questions and help me find the best stops to switch cars, but they also could tell I was nervous and distracted me with great conversations.
I called my parents about midnight as I was pulling into the Bath train station; I casually described my chaotic journey home.

It was the moment I said "home" that I knew I was on the right program. Within the short amount of time I had been in England, I had a regular coffee shop and knew the owner by name, and found family in my housemates at 29 Northampton.

ASE provided me with the foundation for an amazing experience, but the community of Bath, the staff at ASE, and my fellow students were what made the experience one of the best I have had as a college student.

Emma Richardson

Truly, no place has captured my heart quite like Bath. I still think about the spires of the Abbey, the unparalleled architecture, and the green door of Nelson House every day. I chose ASE because I wanted an abroad experience that enveloped me into the place, rather than feeling like a tourist for a semester. ASE delivered on this expectation in every way. I got to take classes I never would on my own college campus, made wonderful lifelong friends, and ultimately found a new place to call home.

Beth and Jordan Posner, parents of Halley (Au16, Bates College)

We can not begin to say enough about this fantastic abroad program. Having sent two older children abroad we are keenly aware of the challenges with having a child study away in a foreign country for a semester. And yet because of the mission and goals of ASE, Halley's adjustment to life both in and out of the classroom was smooth.

When friends ask us about this program, we liken it to a small college- with strong academics, great small classes and the tools students need to succeed abroad. From the tutors, to the comprehensive levels of administrators, students are supported in all of their endeavors.

The class trips are fun and an extremely valuable adjunct to classroom time. The program trips add dimension to the experience and allow the students to get to know each other and become a cohesive group. By living in flats students learn the city intimately and become a part of it!

What a treat to send our daughter to a program where she was challenged both academically and culturally. This experience far exceeded her expectations of a study abroad program and ours too! Every picture we saw of Halley sported a very wide, genuine smile!

Thank you all very much for your dedication to this excellent, enriching program and to the students. We can not rave enough!