Shonda Buchanan, MFA

What I think is truly significant and special about ASE, particularly for our students who choose the summer school program, is its ability to provide a lifetime of experience in five weeks. The coursework and in-class learning is intensified by the historical backdrop of the city, the beautiful landscape, and British culture. Because of the programs, the cultural immersion, and the wonderful staff, my students always return to America with a new perspective on the world. That is the ultimate testament to a job well done.

Octavia Cox

What’s fantastic about ASE is the environment that’s created between both staff and students; it’s fun and friendly, whilst also being academically rigorous. The city is gorgeous, and relevant for those looking to understand Austen’s world more thoroughly (I co-teach, unsurprisingly, the ‘Jane Austen in Bath’ course). I think it’s great that American students can experience learning in an alternative environment, and broaden their horizons beyond the familiar.

Siouxsie Easter

Advanced Studies in England is a unique, immersive study abroad programme. Students have the opportunity to be a part of the community by living in housing throughout beautiful Bath. ASE's variety of internship and social activity opportunities allow students to truly engage in experiential learning.

The strong academic programme is a great fit for our theatre students. The variety of theatre courses offered by ASE, the internships at professional arts organizations and the opportunities for tutorials in subjects such as playwriting make ASE a top choice for study abroad programmes for theatre majors and minor.

Our students from Wells College come back from ASE remarking that they feel that Bath is their second home, and they can't wait to go back! Studying at ASE Bath ignites the global learner and explorer in each one of my students.

Coreen Filson

The ASE curriculum is both broad and deep, which is distinct among smaller programs. The vast array of disciplines covered allows students from across the College to access the educational riches of Bath and England.

Bath as a location is unbeatable! Close to London yet easily navigated, the classic English flavor of the city invites students to explore and engage with the city in ways that are often impossible in a large metropolis. I have been continuously impressed with the quality of ASE’s practicum placements that provide even deeper community connections for the students. We find that students are looking for substantive ways to marry the academic and the practical; ASE’s internship opportunities offer them that important option.

Dr. Chris Foss

Teaching in the ASE Summer Program was one of the genuine highlights of my career. I can honestly say there was not a single negative aspect to the whole experience; it was intellectually stimulating, culturally rewarding, and socially enjoyable. This was in large part owing to the wonderful ASE staff, who stand out as a remarkably personable team truly dedicated to doing everything they can to make your time in England both incredibly worthwhile and extraordinarily memorable.

As an educator, I definitely appreciate that ASE courses are academically rigorous, not some sort of window dressing for a glorified vacation (which other study abroad options seem to offer nowadays). Still, ASE decidedly does not take an “all work and no play” approach, either; the quality of the social and cultural opportunities it has built into its program is simply outstanding. The sponsored trips to Cornwall, London, and Oxford were simply marvelous; plus, Bath is an absolutely ideal location for a home base. As a World Heritage site, it is steeped in history, yet it is also a lively contemporary city with a vibrant cultural life. Bath knows how to welcome visitors, and thus affords plenty of chances for social interactions with its residents in a safe and easily navigable setting.

I am aware I have used a lot of superlatives in this testimonial, but it is actually quite difficult to convey the essence of the ASE experience without them. In the end, though, it is the people who made the program such an indelible memory for me—the ASE staff (whom I now count as friends) and my students (whom I remain in contact with, each and every one, to this day). Whether faculty or student, I recommend ASE to you in the highest possible terms, without any reservation whatsoever.