My Time at ASE - Submit a Testimonial for our Catalogue or Website

One of the greatest tools for recruiting students to the ASE Programme is the testimony of those who know it, and we routinely include the thoughts and reflections of alumni, faculty and study abroad professionals on our website and in our catalogues.

We like to see a good combination of recent alumni, whose recollections are so fresh and enthusiasm so immediate, as well as from alums who have been away from the programme a little longer, who are able to take a longer view and reflect on how their ASE experience has shaped them and their academic and career path in the years that followed. We also appreciate the testimonials of UK and US faculty who have taught on the programme, and of study abroad professionals looking at the programme from the point of view of the colleges.

If you would like to submit a testimonial, please include:

• A good clear photo of yourself (head and shoulders, please!)
• Your name, US college and major
• The semester / summer you studied with ASE
• A brief description of your current job / position / circumstances
• Reflections on your time at ASE (250-300 words)

These reflections could be about any one or more of the many aspects of the Programme: the city of Bath; your housing; the classes, internships or school placements; the social and cultural programme; study and day trips; the residential stays in Oxford and Stratford; or your own independent travel and experiences.

The questions we’d most like you to consider are What means most to you, looking back, and how has the ASE experience shaped who you are and what you’re doing now?

We will try, but cannot guarantee, to use all testimonials that are submitted, and we may edit them with a view to their fitting best within either the website or the catalogues.

Submissions should be sent to, with the header TESTIMONIAL.

Alums we'd like to hear from

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