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Why is ASE Looking for Mentors?

One of the great strengths of the ASE programme is the bond that it creates between students both within and across the semesters. The Alumni Association strengthens those bonds both socially and professionally, and it is the ASE Mentoring Scheme that performs the latter role. ASE mentors have the opportunity to share their experience and advice with current and more recent alums, helping them to shape their futures and chart their career paths, whilst developing professional links of your own.

What Sort of Advice is Sought?

Typically our ASE mentees are coming to their senior year, and are looking for help and advice on their chosen career path after college. This might include information about particular graduate schools and programmes, advice on where to search for jobs, advice on resumé construction and application processes, or just general advice on the nature of a career in a particular field.

What is Expected of a Mentor?

The ASE Alumni Mentoring Scheme is an informal contact group. Whilst becoming a mentor will mean that we will email you from time to time to ask if you will assist a current student or alum with a query about a particular area of grad studies or career path, you are under no obligation to do so.

In the future , we hope to establish a more formal structure, allowing for different levels of advising and commitment, and the opportunity for profession-specific events and seminars.

How do I register my interest?

Already a Mentor?

Update your directory profile to ensure that prospective mentees can see your area of expertise, and so that we have the right contact details in order to put you in touch. Just log into your directory profile to make any changes. If you have problems logging in, email us -

Alums we'd like to hear from

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