ASE offers a number of scholarships and assistantships which can effectively reduce the cost of attending the Programme.

To apply for an ASE Scholarship / Assistantship please send the following at the time of applying:

  1. A single letter of application specifying which scholarship(s) and assistantship(s) you would like to be considered for, and reasons for applying. (A separate letter of application is required for the Don Nunes Memorial Scholarship only. Contact ASE for details).
  2. Your financial aid statement, detailing current awards.

A maximum of one scholarship and one assistantship will be awarded to any one student.


ASE Need-based Scholarships
The Programme offers numerous need-based scholarships, up to the value of £1000 per student per semester. Pell-eligible students are particularly encouraged to apply.

The Ann Nunes Education Scholarship
Ann Nunes was Director of the ASE Programme from 1997-2004. The Ann Nunes Scholarship is an award of £500, and is available each semester to a student on the ASE Education Programme.

The Don Nunes Memorial Scholarship
Don Nunes was the founder of ASE and its Director until his death in November 1997. He passionately believed that ASE should be accessible to as ethnically diverse a group of students as possible. The Don Nunes Memorial Scholarship is available to a student from an under-represented population, according to financial need. It is an award of £1000 for a semester's study.

ASE Alumni Association Scholarship
Thanks to the generous support of the ASE alumni community, ASE is able to offer at least one scholarship per semester to a student or students, on the basis of proven financial need. The recipient(s) will be asked to write occasional updates on their ASE experience to be shared with the alumni community.


ASE Assistantships
Each semester, ASE appoints up to five students to assist in the running of the Programme. Each student receives a weekly stipend, totalling £600 over 15 weeks.

• Nelson House Assistant (general office and kitchen duties)
• Social and Cultural Programme Assistant
• Marketing and Publicity Assistant
• Library Assistant

A Visa is required to apply for all of these positions.