Nelson House Capital Campaign

For more than 250 years, Nelson House has stood proudly in Bath, an important piece of the city's history - and ASE's home.

Now we need your help to preserve it.

Since ASE’s first semester in 1989, Nelson House has been the Programme’s permanent home. We are proud to have welcomed so many students, faculty and friends – including you - through that elegant green front door.

Our glorious Georgian building has seen countless hours of teaching, study and vigorous discussion; not to mention daydreams in the Library, friendships built over cups of tea in the common room, and laughter in the courtyard garden. So many memories, for all of us, have been made here.

Of course, Nelson House stood proudly in the centre of Bath long before any of us were around to appreciate it. Most famously, at the turn of the eighteenth century, 2 Pierrepont Street was home to a physician, under whose roof Admiral Lord Nelson chose to recuperate between naval battles during his visits to Bath. The building is a unique and important part of the World Heritage city’s history.

More than 200 years on, ASE needs your help to make Nelson House (please pardon the pun) ‘shipshape’ once again!

The golden stone of Bath is notoriously soft, and prone to damage from the elements. We urgently need to repair and clean the stonework, replace and paint the windows, and fix the roof. The work will require specialist craftspeople and equipment and needs to take place no later than the summer of 2020.

For the first time in its 30-year history, ASE is launching a campaign to help fund this vital restoration work.

We are asking our alumni, faculty and friends to help raise $50,000 towards the estimated total cost of $120,000.

Please help us secure the future of Nelson House, preserving ASE’s home for many more years of history and memory-making by making a donation of $250 – or whatever you feel able to afford.

Thank you for your support!



You can donate a gift for the restoration and preservation of Nelson House directly to ASE via PayPal using the button below.

Alternatively, to make a gift to the campaign, and take a U.S. income tax deduction, you may make a single gift to the British Schools & Universities Foundation (Federal I.D. Number 13-616-1189), a charitable organization approved by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service under Section 501(c)(3) of their Code.

You can do so by card online here. Whilst your donation is made to the BSUF, you should express "a preference for Advanced Studies in England". Such preferences are respected by the Foundation but all grants are made at its sole discretion, as required by the I.R.S.

Note that the BSUF work with the payment service 'Network for Good', who deduct a 3% charge from all gifts made online. There is no charge applied to checks sent directly to the BSUF.

You may also give by check, using the donation form, which is available here. Again, the form expresses "a preference for Advanced Studies in England" but your check should be drawn to the order of the British Schools & Universities Foundation.

(The BSUF may take a few weeks to let us know about your donation. If you decide to give please drop us a line at so we can thank you right away.)

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