The Tutorial Experience

Following the model of Oxford University, Advanced Tutorial Programme students meet weekly, for two hours – individually or in pairs – with a professor specialising in their subject (or language) of choice. Classes are usually held either in the professor’s home or at a college room in Oxford, or at Nelson House in Bath.

Tutorials are of particular relevance to those wishing to undertake senior or honours thesis work on their return home, and/or who wish to continue their studies at graduate level.

A minimum GPA of 3.4 is required for all tutorials (except ancient and modern languages, where the minimum is 3.0). All tutorials are recommended for four credits.

The Advanced Tutorial Programme carries an additional fee (See ‘How to Apply’).

Choosing Your Tutorial Topic

ASE’s extensive network of academic connections in Oxford, Bath and beyond, means that tutorials can be arranged in a wide variety of academic subject areas, according to the academic passions and/or specific requirements of individual students.

A successful tutorial proposal will include the following:

  • A thoughtful outline of the proposed topic of study (50-100 words)
  • A British / European element or component to the topic
  • An original example of work in the discipline for which you are applying (e.g. a sample of creative writing, or an academic essay/paper)

All proposals will be assessed by ASE’s Director of Studies in consultation with our Academic Advisor and the Dean & Director. ASE reserves the right to suggest modifications to tutorial proposals and the final decision on the viability of a proposal lies solely with ASE.