A Picturesque City

With its cultural, intellectual and social resources, the world-heritage city of Bath soon becomes as familiar to our students as their home campus. Living centrally in this compact and cosmopolitan environment provides optimum opportunity for students to interact and discover the city, quickly becoming members of the community, rather than merely visitors.

Within a safe and easy walk from their attractive residences, students will find the first-century Roman Baths, the fifteenth-century Abbey, various galleries, theatres and museums set in and around glorious eighteenth-century architecture, and the twenty-first century Thermae Bath Spa. Among Bath's many restaurants is the famous Pump Room, which tempts students in for tea, coffee, cakes and - for the bold - a taste of the Bath waters.

The city is surrounded by green, wooded hills and the River Avon runs through its heart, making the countryside easy to explore on foot, by bicycle or boat.

A Student City

About one in five of the city of Bath's population of 100,000 are in full-time higher education - and the cafes, pubs, and restaurants cater to students with their range of entertainment, 'specials' and discounts, acting as meeting places where students can enjoy a pint or a 'cuppa', and discover the English in sociable mode. They are also the venues for all types of music, poetry evenings and reading groups.

In addition, ASE's small team of Bath-based student helpers organise weekly events and help facilitate links with local volunteering agencies, clubs, sports teams and societies.

For more information on the city of Bath, see Visit Bath.