ASE students live in handsome town houses and flats (apartments) throughout the centre of Bath. Each residence has its own characteristics: for example, proximity to the architectural splendours of the Royal Crescent and the Circus for the Northampton Street and Catharine Place residences, or Pulteney Brige and Great Pulteney Street for St John's Road; historic connections with one of Bath's most famous families in Linley House; views of the River Avon for the residents of Nunes House; or a pleasant kitchen-cum-dining room and sunny patio at Prior Park Road. Residences are carefully located in interesting, well-resourced neighbourhoods and are all within walking distance of the Study Centre.

All offer WiFi, TV and radio, laundry facilities, phone access, communal areas and bathrooms and kitchens of various shapes and sizes. Students receive an orientation of their new home by a member of the ASE staff on arrival day.


ASE accommodation is self-catering: students shop and cook for themselves. A food allowance (currently £45 per week*) is included in the Programme fees sufficient to cover meal costs, providing students buy food economically. A tour of local supermarkets and stores by ASE staff and a 'welcome pack' of food help students to get started.

ASE's Housing Manager, oversees all aspects of the accommodation, and liaises closely with local residents. She is assisted by representatives from each residence with whom she meets each week to discuss any issues that may arise.

*Please note that the weekly food allowance is not provided during the ASE Summer School.