As you read through the ASE Programme's rich array of academic offerings, bear in mind that there are FOUR combinations of courses available to make up your workload for the semester.

Students usually choose one of the following combinations of courses, each recommended for a total of 16 credits:

OPTION 1 - Four seminar courses.
OPTION 2 - A tutorial (single semester or full year) plus three seminar courses.
OPTION 3 - The Education Programme (including school placement) plus two seminar courses.
OPTION 4 - An internship plus three seminar courses.

Students who wish to apply for any other combination of four courses (for instance, a tutorial plus an internship and two seminars) are asked to write, making a persuasive case, to the Director of Studies. Such requests are judged on a case by case basis.

(Please note that ASE can only recommend credit. While this is usually readily arranged, it is up to each student to make certain that credit transfer has been approved before leaving for England).

Seminar Courses

All seminar courses are upper level. Classes meet once a week, for two hours (three hours for 'Acting for the Stage), in groups no larger than 13. Course assessment is continuous and derives from a series of papers and a final examination, plus class participation. Each seminar course is recommended for four credits.


Tutorial students meet weekly, for two hours - singly or in pairs - with a professor specializing in their subject (or language) of choice, following the model of Oxford University.

Tutorial students are set regular writing assignments, culminating in a portfolio of work on which final assessment is principally based. Tutorials are available only to students with a GPA of at least 3.4 (3.0 for languages), and are of particular relevance to those wishing to undertake senior/honours thesis work on their return home, and/or to continue their studies at graduate level.

For students of Classical or Modern Languages, assessment is continuous and derives from a series of papers and/or tests, and a final examination. Language tutorials are not available to beginners: students should enclose contact details of a language professor who can testify to their level of proficiency.

There is an additional fee for tutorials. All tutorials are recommended for four credits.

The Education Programme

The Education Programme links a theory course, Education in England, with a complementary school placement. The theory class meets weekly, for two hours. Course assessment is continuous and derives from a series of papers and a final examination. The placement is a pre-practicum, involving one day a week in a local primary or secondary school and a weekly reflective seminar. Assessment is by portfolio and performance in the placement. Eight credits are recommended in total.

The Internship Programme

Each internship student is allotted a placement mentor to oversee their weekly work experience, and spends a total of 120 hours in the placement over the course of a semester. In addition, they meet weekly to discuss progress with an ASE internship tutor. Assessment is by portfolio and performance in the placement. All internships are recommended for four credits.