The CCE exists to encourage ASE students to integrate as fully as possible into the Bath community.

It seeks to balance the students' academic experiences with equally engaging and challenging opportunities for intercultural learning.

Students who enrol in the CCE are expected to be enthusiastic about participating in both
ASE-organised and community-run activities in the Bath area. Those who take part should also be ready to reflect analytically on their cultural experiences and to join discussions in the forums provided.

Why participate in the CCE?

Students who take part in the CCE generally gain deeper knowledge and understanding of the wider Bath community; often make more connections with local residents and students, and typically develop a more reflective approach to their study abroad experience.

The award is recorded on student's ASE transcript and can be a valuable entry on a resume as employers increasingly look to hire ‘global citizens’.

How does it Work?

To be awarded the CCE, students should:

  1. Complete a cultural mapping exercise in week 1.
  2. Attend a range of ASE-organised and community-based activities and maintain a spreadsheet of attendance.
  3. Attend four compulsory facilitated intercultural learning sessions.
  4. Produce a piece of reflective work in one of the following formats: an essay, a piece of creative writing, a blog, vlog, photo journal or digital storytelling project.