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Follow some of this semester's students as they blog about their experiences of living and studying in Bath, and their travels further afield.

Kathryn Blessington

Hi, my name is Kathryn, and I am ASE's Rondo Theatre intern for Spring '19. I am a third-year at Oberlin College but live in Portland, Oregon. I am a worrywart, a lover of anything on Netflix under an hour, and an avid coffee drinker (my favourite coffee shop in town is The Secret Garden Café near Prior Park).

I am majoring in English and creative writing - much to the disbelief of the Rondo, who have an understandably hard time believing someone who isn't a theatre major is interning in a theatre. Although I don't want to go into theatre, I've always enjoyed being in and helping produce student productions. What I really love, though, is to write, so I'm writing reviews of shows as part of my internship. I'm not approaching my reviews with extensive knowledge of theatre - I'm just giving my opinion as to whether they could be a fun night out for ASE students, and most certainly have been thus far!

I hope that these reviews will inspire prospective ASE students to visit the Rondo for a night of experimental theatre, stand-up, burlesque and much, much more...

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