ASE's Academic Adviser

Dr. Christopher Pelling, Emeritus Regius Professor of Greek at the University of Oxford, has been ASE's Academic Adviser since 1991. He oversees the appointment of new faculty, the majority of whom are lecturers and researchers at the University of Oxford, advises on curriculum matters and monitors ASE's progress by regular meetings with students and staff.

Links with University College, Oxford

Since 1991, ASE has enjoyed close academic ties with University College, Oxford. Fellows and other senior members of the College are often among the faculty teaching weekly seminar courses and tutorials at ASE. In addition, during ASE's residential week at University College, all students attend lectures by Senior Fellows on the history of the College and the city of Oxford.

The Advisory Board

ASE's 'feeder' colleges in the United States have helped shape the Programme since its inception. A representative from a number of these sits on the Advisory Board, which meets every year to discuss ASE's development, either in Bath and Oxford, or at one of the US institutions themselves.

For a full list of colleges sending students to ASE since 1989, please click here.

Franklin and Marshall College

ASE has been proudly owned by Franklin and Marshall College since 2004, and became a branch campus in 2008. While providing valuable support and guidance to ASE, Franklin and Marshall is committed to retaining the distinctively British character of the programme. Franklin and Marshall College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, a regional accrediting agency recognised by the US Department of Education.