Transcript Requests

On successful completion of the ASE Programme, an official copy of each student's transcript is sent to his or her home institution, an unofficial copy to his or her home address.

If you are an ASE alumnus in need of extra copies of your official ASE transcript (for graduate school or job applications etc.), here is the procedure to follow:

Students attending ASE before Autumn 2008

  1. Transcripts are issued in batches of five. For every five required, please send a cheque for $30 USD to:

    Advanced Studies in England
    Nelson House
    2 Pierrepont Street
    Bath BA1 1LB

  2. The cheque should be made payable to 'Advanced Studies in England'.
  3. All transcripts are marked with the official ASE stamp, and can either be sent to you (in sealed, signed envelopes) or sent direct to the institution(s) to which you are applying.
  4. Please provide all relevant addresses, in full, in an accompanying letter.
  5. Transcripts can usually be sent out within a few days of the cheque arriving, provided that ASE is not on break.
  6. Any transcripts you don't immediately need are kept at Nelson House in a 'transcript bank' for future use.
  7. For more information, contact us at

Students attending ASE from August 2008 onwards

Please download a Transcript Request Form, fill it out and sign and mail it direct to:

Christine A Alexander
College Registrar
Franklin and Marshall College
PO Box 3003
Lancaster, PA 17604-3003

Any queries, please email: